Glamour Gals Accessory Page


Glamour Gals need to have fun! Here is a list of all the various play sets and other merchandise available for Glamour Gals dolls. The ** indicates I need the set or pieces for the set. Please E mail me if you would have those pieces for sale.


Dateline Sets

Dateline sets include a Glamour Guy and a great date set up for his favorite Gal. Click on their name for descriptions of the doll.

Picnic Pizazz

Dual Dynamo

**Dinner for 2

Sets with Dolls included

Ocean Queen Crew Set

Glamour Gals Rock Band

Wedding Day

**Glamour Gals--Girls on the Go

Sears Exclusive "White Box Set"


Other Play Sets and Items

Glamour Gals Firebird

Glamour Gals Showplace

Diamond Jubilee Show Horse

Party Place

**Beauty Salon

Fashion Boutique Purse

Fashion Cafe Purse

Glamour Gals Fashion Travel Accessories

Ocean Queen Cruise Ship

**Glamour Gals Stage Stand

**Glamour Dolls Vinyl Case

**Glamour Gals Coloring Book


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